The American Affordable Housing Project

The American Affordable Housing Project

Our Nonprofit Housing Project


America is experiencing the worst homelessness crisis in recent history. In 2021, California and New York harbored 40 percent of all unhoused people in our country, according to an article published by, based on federal government's data. Together, Nevada and California have 629 homeless people per 100,000 inhabitants, exceeding the national rate of about 174 per 100,000 people.

Moreover, homelessness in California raised around 6 percent during the top of the Covid-19 pandemic. Eight cities in California currently rank above the national average rate of unhoused people.

Considering this situation, in 2022, Wings of Love, Inc. launched “The American Affordable Housing Project,” which looks forward to creating a virtuous circle of solutions for the housing deficit in the most troubled communities.

We are ambitious: Our nonprofit program looks forward to developing new construction, rehabilitation to provide new units and preserving nonprofit affordable housing.

Our pilot program is starting in Los Angeles County, and we expect to extend it for the next five years in California and Nevada. Join us in building a better life for American people. 🏡

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