The American Affordable Housing Project
Be Our Partner

Be Our Partner

Be our partner. You're invited to participate with us on developing new construction, rehabilitation to provide new units and preservation of nonprofit affordable housing. Invest from 20% of the total cost of each project. Wings of Love, Inc. is ready to fund the rest of the project's cost.

Wings of Love, Inc. will work to transform it in a cozy, safe, affordable housing hub for vulnerable families, seniors and individuals.


Affordable Housing vs Section 8

María had been living for some years in low-cost housing under Section 8 of the Housing Act. She had four kids in a single bedroom. As time passed and her children grew up and began to go to school, the small department with only one bathroom became a source of family stress, without mentioning that she depended on a governmental review of her annual income to maintain program eligibility and rent payment.

María had been paying 30 percent of her income in a tiny apartment. Still, she didn't feel motivated to... CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING.

3 Units in Los Angeles, CA. 90057

This is a $2,500,000 project for Affordable Family Housing.

15 Units in Los Angeles, CA. 90057

This is a $10,000,000 multifamily project.

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