The American Affordable Housing Project
Be Our Partner

Be Our Partner

Current Proposals in Los Angeles, CA.

3 Units in Los Angeles, CA. 90057

This is a $2,500,000 project for Affordable Family Housing.

15 Units in Los Angeles, CA. 90057

This is a $10,000,000 multifamily project.

13 Units in Los Angeles, CA. 90057

This is a $8,000,000 multifamily project.

Invest Safely in Affordable Housing

Be our partner. Wings of Love, Inc. invites you to participate in developing new construction, rehabilitation to provide new units, and preservation of nonprofit affordable housing. Affordable properties are the best investment to secure a good ROI and a constant cash flow income through rents.

Our organization is ready to join governmental and private nonprofit projects to solve California's current Affordable Housing crisis.

The Wings of Love, Inc. Affordable Housing project is a virtuous social circle and an excellent opportunity for investors looking forward to maximizing profits: Invest from 20% of the total cost of each project. Our organization will fund the rest of the project's cost to make it a cozy, safe, affordable housing hub for vulnerable families and/or seniors.

Our Basic Housing Plans


The Extended Section 8 Opportunity

María had been living in low-cost housing under Section 8 of the Housing Act for a few years. She had four little kids in a single bedroom with no problem. However, her children started growing up and began to go to school. The small department with only one bathroom became a source of family stress, without mentioning that she depended on a governmental review of her annual income to maintain program eligibility and rent payment.

María had been paying 30 percent of her income in a tiny apartment. Still, she didn’t feel motivated to... CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING.

Are You An Investor Looking for An Excellent Opportunity?

Partnering with Wings of Love, Inc.'s Affordable Housing projects is a wise decision. It's not an only investment with safe, attractive proceeds. Our project helps our community by generating economic development, increasing job retention and productivity within the affordable housing areas, tackling social inequality, and helping to end the cycle of poverty.

The Benefits of Investing in our Affordable Housing project:

  • High and Quick Appreciation

Properties for affordable housing tend to appreciate faster compared to the others. It's a win-win situation for both investors and tenants. New developments and rehabilitation works demand fast growing new social infrastructure which positively reevaluates investments.

  • Limited Risk

Unlike other investments, affordable properties come with a lower risk than others due to the high demand for low and middle-cost housing. Therefore, our project is a good source of rent, and it is the best possible option for cautious investors.

  • High Return on Investment

Real Estate investments are the safest way to get good return on capital. You can resell an affordable property or disinvest your financial assets in an affordable housing partnership to get your money back with profit. Moreover, you don't need to worry about how to collect your profits: Affordable housing is always a regular cash flow in charge of a manager.

  • Higher Resale Value and easy exit

Resale and exit in the affordable property market is easy due to the high amount of real estate buyers and investors opting to get in the low and middle price range market. Disinvestment or resale in affordable properties generates good profits in a short time.


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