The American Affordable Housing Project
Case Study

Case Study

María had been living for some years in low-cost housing under Section 8 of the Housing Act. She had four kids in a single bedroom. As time passed and her children grew up and began to go to school, the small department with only one bathroom became a source of family stress, without mentioning that she depended on a governmental review of her annual income to maintain program eligibility and rent payment.

María had been paying 30 percent of her income in a tiny apartment. Still, she didn't feel motivated to look for a salary raise or a job change because it would affect her access to the government housing subsidy.

Any potential increase in Maria's income would keep her out of her “pocket-sized” but safe housing. Moreover, she was unsure if it would be easy to find another landlord in her area who would deal with her Section 8 rent.

However, María decided to participate in an Affordable Housing Pilot Project.

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